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Just a young, barely-functioning gym junkie. I post motivational photos and quotes, and occasionally the odd progress photo. Bodybuilding is one heck of a journey and I'll try my best to track every step.

My progress from the age of 15 to 17 years old. No more excuses, get out there and do whatever the fuck you wanna do!

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TUF Brazil: Godofredo Castro vs. Marcos Vinícius


Since the first day of 2014, I finally got that feeling of total control over the development of my body. I knew what made it scream, what was best to recover, how far I could push it, and most importantly; how far life could push it.

But what I came to realise was that, total control is not the ‘end game’. Life is forever setting the goalposts up just a few metres ahead of you, and if you’re aiming for success you’ve got to keep moving forward no matter what.

So this is it. Half way through January, I begin my shred-down for summer. I’ll take myself down to 6% body fat, maintaining as much muscle as possible, then enjoy summer. After that, I imagine it’ll be winter bulking again.

But’cheah. This is my progress at 17.3 years of age (12/01/2014)

Everything looks better in b&w